The Pink Button Tree

The Pink Button Tree: June 2013

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

June in our courtyard garden

Our garden is really starting to take shape this summer so I'm making the most of being able to update you with what is growing at the moment. I'm loving capturing the little changes in our space and seeing what is growing. I added some new plants to the garden a week ago and we now have potatoes growing, new herbs and salad leaves. It's really satisfying seeing things grow that I've planted.

I'm delighted to say that the radishes are growing really well in our hanging basket and they will be being added to our weekday salad lunches over the next few weeks. Elsewhere in the garden other plants have been making the most of the sun and are growing well.

The strawberry plants from last year are flowering with delicate pink and white flowers.

The beetroot seeds I planted are trying to grow, I should probably try and thin these out!

The lillies are taking time to flower this year but there are buds forming. I can't wait for these pink lillies to flower.

The geraniums I grew from seed last year are doing well and starting to flower.

The lettuce seeds I tried to grow didn't grow well so I bought a little gems and lollo rosso and also some rainbow chard plants. They are looking healthy and starting to establish themselves in our planters.

I have three chilli plants with the hope of growing a great crop of chillies for Mr C so he can add them to the amazing dinners he cooks! Here is one of the chilli plants enjoying the sunny windowsill.

The hosta has sprung into life and filling our shady corner with greenery.

The mint is growing well and is ready for use in summer drinks and cocktails! I'm loving adding a few leaves of mint to a glass of elderflower cordial, it's divine!

I'm growing some new herbs that I bought as plants. I've added oregano, marjoram, basil mint and basil to this container and they are getting established in their new home.

Our blueberry bush has lots of small flowers on it, I've never seen so many on it. Hopefully this means we will have a lovely crop of berries this summer that I can add to my breakfast.

I hope you are enjoying seeing the plants around you growing and flowering and that you are making the most of the sunny weather we are finally getting!


Sunday, 2 June 2013

Grow :: My One Little Word - A mid-year update

I started One Little Word this year, it's an online class run by Ali Edwards for Big Picture ClassesOne Little Word is about picking a word that you want to be part of your life for the year ahead and beyond. I chose the word 'grow' in January to be part of my life and my focus for 2013. There were so many areas of my life I wanted to grow in. I wanted to plant fresh seeds to help me grow, move forward and grow in new directions. 

June has arrived and this month's prompt from the class is to spend time thinking about how far I've come with my word in a mid-year review. My word is really personal to me and the intentions I set for the year resonate with all areas of my life that I'm keen to grow in. I feel I've made progress with my word in so many areas. I've grown stronger in terms of my fitness and mentally, I've grown closer to life going on round me, I've grown my creativity by dedicating more time I spend being creative everyday. This month I'm hoping to grow and bloom, whether that be in making things, cooking things or growing things in the garden. I'm looking forward to my intention this month and those ahead of me this year.

What I love about doing One Little Word is having the chance to be reflective and spend time thinking about life. I believe it's so important to look out for yourself and have things to aim for. Over the past six months I've been taking a closer look at my day to day to help with keeping my word at the forefront of my life. 

Using photography, taking notes and journalling to record my week for my Project Life album has enabled me to be more reflective. It has been so satisfying to look at everything I've been doing and seeing how I am growing.

I'm loving printing out photos from every week of the year for my Project Life album and keeping notes on what I've been doing. It shows me how much I can pack into a month, the small things everyday that make a difference and the great people that surround me everyday and in my life. I'm going to spend the next few months with my camera in my hands even more trying to capture the small things in life that make me so happy.

By starting One Little Word and Project Life I've found a love of journalling life again. When I was younger I used to write letters to friends and write in a diary about what I had been doing but it became something I did less and less frequently. I'm now journalling more so that I can capture all the details for my Project Life album and where I am with my word for the year. I now hope to grow my writing and journalling skills moving forward.

I'm looking forward to the next six months ahead of this year and the areas of my life I'm hoping to grow in. I've got a few courses earmarked for the year ahead that I'm hoping to take to help me grow and a big list of things I'd love to make and do. I'll keep you updated on my progress here.

I'm off to sit out in our courtyard in the sunshine with a cup of tea, a magazine, my camera so I can give you an update on how the garden is growing. At last it feels that a little bit of summer brightness has arrived, with the sun shining, plants blooming and things growing in my life.

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