The Pink Button Tree

The Pink Button Tree: September 2012

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Simple pleasures on a Monday evening

On Monday I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me, my subscription copy of The Simple Things had arrived. I was delighted and sat down with my favourite mug filled with warm tea.

The Simple Things didn’t disappoint. Issue one was full of inspiring features about food, gardening, interiors and getting outside. A thoughtful structure of the magazine took you through three sections of a day, from dawn to dusk. Within each part there was plenty to read, surrounded by beautiful photography and page design. I especially enjoyed the feature on cheese, the range of book reviews, the simple recipes to try and the Miscellany section. I finished reading my copy yesterday and I’m already looking forward to receiving issue two!

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Monday, 3 September 2012

The Simple Things

What is your simple thing? Maybe it's the smell of freshly cut grass, walking through crunchy Autumn leaves, listening to the rain, going for a picnic with friends on a beach, growing your own herbs, giving a handmade gift wrapped in brown paper and ribbon...these are a few of my favourite simple things.

One of my truly favourite simple things in life is receiving post through our letter box. Magazine subscriptions, parcels and fabric orders...I know that they will be on their way during the month but I still get so excited when the post arrives. Even more so, unexpected post, such as cards or letters from friends and family, brings a pure pleasure and a warm feeling inside that you just don't get from an email. Knowing that the post will bring news to read, things to discover, inspiring ideas of things to make and places to explore, makes it one of my favourite simple things. 

I love opening the post, settling down with my favourite magazines over the weekend, whilst snuggling in a blanket on the sofa with a cup of tea (and maybe a slice of cake!). I have a passion for magazines and love having the latest issues arrive at home in the post. The magazines that I adore, and have subscriptions for, include Elle Decoration, Red, Country Living, National Geographic, Easy Living, Jamie, Mollie Makes and now one more...

I'm excited to tell you about a new magazine launch happening this week called The Simple Things, from the makers of Mollie Makes. Out on the 6th of September, The Simple Things is...

a new magazine celebrating the things that matter most. Featuring a gorgeous blend of interiors, gardening, cookery, lifestyle and crafts, The Simple Things is about taking time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life – a walk in the country, making a warm inviting home, sharing food with loved ones, gardening, traditions worth reviving and memories worth cherishing.

It’s about knowing that there’s no satisfaction like that at the end of a long muddy walk, no pink so pretty as freshly-cut rhubarb, no perfume to compare with your own home-grown flowers. It’s keeping your dad’s old typewriter just because it’s beautiful. It’s an empty beach on a Sunday morning. It’s backpedaling. It’s the Simple Things. "  

The magazine blurb sounds just what I'm looking for at the moment that other magazines just don't bring. As well as a magazine there is a lovely The Simple Things blog too with lot's of inspiring posts and the first issue cover reveal too.

On the blog you'll find a
digital sampler of The Simple Things magazine where you can take a sneeky peek inside the magazine before The Simple Things launches this week. The digital sampler shows the stunning photography, inspiring content and beautiful layout inside the magazine.

I'll be rushing home on Thursday to indulge in one of my favourite simple things...a warming cup of tea and a brand new magazine. I can't wait for The Simple Things to arrive!

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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Scrapbooking September

I love September. It’s a month that brings a crisp feeling to the morning air signalling that the seasons are changing, the days get shorter and you can enjoy guilt-free comforting food like apple crumble!

With the change of season starting in September, it brings with it a symbolism of change and a new start for me more than any other month. Perhaps it was because a new school or university year began in September, but at this time of year I always have the urge to start a new journey and learn something new. In September I feel the desire to buy fresh stationary supplies, a new pretty notebook and a pen. Last September I took an evening class to learn to knit. I had a huge sense of satisfaction when I got to take notes on the first page of that new notebook for the first time and picked up the basics.  

This week I wrote about my love of photography and posted up two photo collages. I love taking photos and really enjoyed putting together the collages and the short blurb to go with each image. I think the blog post came from my underlying desire to start scrapbooking. For many months I’ve been thinking about dabbling in scrapbooking either with paper or digitally so that I can combine photos, memories and my love of patterned paper and fabric. I’m so inspired by those who craft beautiful scrapbook pages for their albums, keeping a lasting memory of events that have happened, whether they are big events such as a special birthday or small things like going for coffee at a cafe.

I haven’t made any progress to start scrapbooking yet, partly due to the cost of setting up a stash of embellishments, partly because I’m trying to focus my learning on sewing and gardening, but perhaps there is room for one more new thing to try out!  I have some pretty papers, some clear stamps, plenty of photos and a keen desire to go for it and document what I’m doing. I’ve enjoyed making cards for friends and family this year so hopefully I’ll like scrapbooking too.

Something happened on Saturday morning that made me take that leap I’ve needed.  An email newsletter landed in my inbox that I felt I was drawn to read and follow up on. The newsletter was from and was about her annual class that she runs called Learn Something New Every Day. Shimelle is a highly talented scrapbooker with a fantastic blog that I regularly take a look at and am inspired by. I was drawn to this statement that Shimelle posted on her blog the following:

Learn Something New is all about being aware of the world around you and taking away one little lesson from that world each day for a month. You can approach it in terms of gratitude. Or patience. Or steps toward a goal. You can then take on the documentation in any style you want: write in a journal. Make a minibook. Write daily blog posts. Take a daily photo”.

It sounds great doesn’t it?...and with that thought I signed up! I’m hoping that by having something to inspire me everyday and to focus on will be the gentle introduction to scrapbooking I need. Take a look at to find out more about the course.

September is a great month to learn something new, start a new routine and begin a new journey. I’m looking forward to seeing what I learn over the next month of experimenting with paper, using my photos and writing, to hopefully create something by the end of the month. I’ll let you know how I get on!

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